Senator Flake Embraces Elimination of Care for Arizonans on Medicaid Expansion

In recent comments to the Arizona Republic, Jeff Flake voiced support a plan to first cap, then and eliminate Arizona’s Medicaid expansion. Flake called the program, which provides care for 470,000 Arizonans, “unsustainable” and praised the threats to coverage as “finally dealing with Medicaid… [and] putting parameters around it.”

“More than 470,000 Arizonans have obtained coverage through the current Medicaid expansion, giving them access to lifesaving care, yet Jeff Flake supports ‘putting parameters’ around those who receive coverage,” said Alexis Tameron, Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party. “By voicing support for capping and eliminating Medicaid expansion, Senator Flake is putting his party politics ahead of the health of his constituents.”