Party Services

Party Services

The following Democratic party services are made available from the Arizona Democratic Party Headquarters. All services are provided exclusively to all Democratic Precinct Committeepersons, Democratic Candidates and affiliated Democratic organizations.

For information on how to become a Democratic Precinct Committeeperson or a member of an affiliated Democratic organization, please call us at 602-298-4200.

Communications and Messaging Overview

What is Democratic messaging? How do we carry our message to discerning audiences across Arizona’s diverse and often tricky electorate? The Communications and Messaging overview examines the vital areas in strategic communication. Participants will learn how to underscore the differences between the right-wing extreme and Arizona’s mainstream. With Arizona’s growing Independent electorate, Democrats stand to win elections by taking the lead and using their expertise in persuasive argumentation. Strategic timing and media interfacing must also be considered for effective message penetration. For more information about the calendar for this overview, please call us at 602-298-4200.

Voter File

Person-to-person contact has been proven time and again to be the number one agent in persuading voters and driving attendance at the polls. But with 3.2 million registered voters, who exactly should we be talking to? Campaign literature, campaign mail and mass media provide the potential for large-scale exposure, but monetary costs are generally prohibitive. For a candidate or campaign to reach their potential voters and win elections, they must speak to as many people as possible; whether it’s by mail, door-to-door canvasing, phone-banking or mass media. Every campaign presents the limitations of time, volunteers and financial resources. Therefore, strategic voter contact and strategic utilization of the Voter File is often regarded as the first step in any voter outreach campaign. The Arizona Democratic Party provides monthly Voter File trainings to Precinct Committeepersons, Democratic Organizations and Democratic Candidates. Trainings are done via web-conference to give multiple participants access to both the voter file and trainers. For more information about the calendar for this training, please call us at 602-298-4200.

Fundraisers and Event Management

The most important part of any campaign is to raise the resources necessary to bring your message to the voting public. For a basic overview of campaign fundraising, please call us at 602-298-4200.

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