McSally Goes Back on Her Word, Abandons Dreamers in Election Year Ploy

2017 McSally: “It would be wrong to go back on our word” for DACA recipients


2018 McSally: “Dropped her support for immigration-reform legislation” she once cosponsored


PHOENIX – Under attack from her primary opponents, Congresswoman Martha McSally showed her true colors by removing her name from a bill she had previously championed. This about face on a bill to protect Dreamers from deportation comes only months after McSally had pushed for such a vote, explicitly warning that “it would be wrong to go back on our word.” As McSally sprints from her previous positions in response to attacks by Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio, she only proves that she has chosen to trade in her principles for election year ploys.


“Congresswoman McSally’s actions prove she is just another typical politician with no core. As Congresswoman McSally turns into a shape shifter to try to win the GOP primary, Arizonans are learning not to take her at her word.” -- Drew Anderson, Arizona Democratic Party


Below is Rep. McSally’s letter to Speaker Paul Ryan from September 1, 2017, calling for a vote to protect Dreamers: