Martha McSally’s AZSen Opponents: She is “Jeff Flake 2.0”

Fox Business: McSally turns to GOP establishment as she prepares for Senate run

PHOENIX – Congresswoman Martha McSally hasn’t even announced her senate campaign, but she’s already being tied to an unpopular GOP establishment by her primary opponents. In fact, they have gone as far as to label McSally “Jeff Flake 2.0” and “Washington, DC establishment” – criticizing her for being a typical politician who does one thing and says another.

These attacks should come as no surprise following the news that Mitch McConnell’s campaign super PAC promised full support behind Martha McSally’s senate campaign. Further, it exposes a deep-rooted intraparty civil war within the Arizona Republican Party, the same battle royale that sent Jeff Flake sprinting out the door.

Tweet by Joe Ferguson.@kelliwardaz says again that she welcomes @RealSheriffJoe to the #AZSen race but says @MarthaMcSally should stay in her lane (#AZ02) and that she is “Jeff Flake 2.0”’

Tweet by Joe Ferguson: “.@kelliwardaz says she doesn’t want a “Jeff Flake 2.0” to take his seat - a veiled reference to @MarthaMcSally. #AZSen”

Morning Ritual With Garrett Lewis: WARD: “Well yes, and I think on Friday we're going to hear an announcement from Jeff Flake 2.0….She wants to go on as part of the Washington DC establishment that has failed Arizona and has failed the country, but guess what Arizona voters already rejected that brand of politics and I don't think we're going to let the wool be pulled over our eyes once again by the campaign conservatism and by a pretender, who might enter this race on Friday

WARD: “…McSally did not support President Trump. She refused to say who she voted for in the Presidential election and then suddenly, I'll tell you the day that the transformation happened, October 25th, 2017. You know what happened on October 24th, Jeff Flake dropped out of the race. I talked to someone from her campaign and what he told me and it’s very sad, Martha sees an opportunity in this race and she's looking for her next big thing...”