In Latest AZGOP Civil War, GOP Establishment Again Boosts McSally

PHOENIX - Arizonans yesterday saw another development in the ongoing AZGOP civil war which put the GOP establishment firmly behind Congresswoman Martha McSally...again. They were quick to attack Kelli Ward even as their recruit McSally has yet to announce her candidacy.

These attacks only add to what appears to be the GOP establishment’s goal of creating a runway for their candidate to (finally) announce her long, drawn out senate campaign – one that has been panned by Arizona media.

After voting to raise taxes and yank away healthcare from hardworking Arizonans, Congresswoman McSally already finds herself in trouble as she has aligned herself with the partisan discord that has Arizonans fed up with Washington. Further, Congresswoman McSally has been so desperate to stave off an intraparty civil war that she appears to have broken campaign finance laws by running a stealth U.S. Senate campaign from Washington, D.C.

Arizonans continue to be left in the dark as McSally’s campaign has been described as one of “the slowest campaign rollouts in history” with some even questioning whether or not she is “ready for prime time.”