Jobs & Internships

Jobs and Internships


The ADP is currently accepting applications from students interested in learning more about politics, grassroots organizing, public policy, communications, media relations and advance work. Internship opportunities are voluntary non-paid positions within the ADP and are open to undergraduate and graduate students in any field of study.

ADP Political Internships provide students a firsthand, one-on-one opportunity to sharpen their skills and get to know their community in a very unique way. Students interested in interning can enhance their career goals while promoting the importance of being politically active through varied experiences in political work, communications, outreach, finance and event planning.

Consideration for internships with the ADP requires the following:

  • Resume
    In addition to work history, please include relevant co-curricular involvements and your campaign/politics volunteer history.
  • Answer
    Why would you like to be considered for an internship with the ADP? (Please limit your response to 300 words or fewer.)
  • Interview
    With department director

Many students have earned class credit for interning with the ADP. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact your academic advisor.

Please submit your application and any questions to