GOP Hands Arizonans a 34% Hike in Healthcare Premiums

Healthcare a top issue for AZ voters, 68% of Arizonans rate issue as “important” to them

PHOENIX – A new report shows how much more expensive the GOP health law is going to be for Arizona families. The expected 34% hike in insurance premiums will hurt families across the state, and Arizonans will hold Kelli Ward, Rep. Martha McSally, Joe Arpaio, and Debbie Lesko accountable for putting special interests ahead of the state.  

The spike is due to a years-long strategy pushed by the AZGOP to sabotage and manipulate the health law, including voting to rip healthcare access away from millions of Arizonans and passing a tax law that cuts Medicare while potentially raising premiums by $2,000.

With healthcare being the top issue for Arizona voters this fall, the AZGOP’s sabotage on healthcare will be their Achilles’ Heel heading into the 2018 elections.

Axios - Budget office expects 34% jump in ACA premiums
By Sam Baker
Key Points:

  • Premiums for certain Affordable Care Act plans are expected to spike by 34% this year, prompting a $10 billion increase in federal subsidies, the Congressional Budget Office said today.
  • Between the lines: CBO's estimates strongly suggest that this year’s increases are a response to the repeal of the ACA’s individual mandate, on top of new regulations from the Trump administration.” […]
  • But there’s no question the repeal of the mandate, and his decision to end a separate stream of payments to insurance companies, drove premiums even higher this year, and will have a similar effect next year.”