Exit McSally, Enter Trump-Crazies in CD-02

With Martha McSally choosing to abandon her sinking re-election campaign in CD-02, state and national Republicans are scrambling to find her replacement in the mold of Trump. With a weak and out-of touch bench in CD-02, count this seat as Democratic pickup in 2018.

“Martha McSally quickly found out CD-02 is no place for Trump flunkies,” said Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Herschel Fink. “Plain and simple, Southern Arizonans are tired of this administration’s devastating and reckless policies. So while the AZGOP tries to find its next crazy to pick up the Trump/Alt-Right banner, Democrats will fight back against this administration’s harmful attacks on Arizona’s hardworking families.”

Here’s a breakdown of potential GOP candidates clamoring to be Trump’s next rubber stamp:

Lea Marquez Peterson, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Marquez Peterson filed for bankruptcy in 2005 after racking up more than $3.2m in debt against just $100k in assets. [Tucson Weekly, 6/16/2005] Since failing as a businesswoman, she has worked hard to ensure workers don’t get a raise as a vocal opponent to Prop 206, a statewide ballot measure raising the minimum wage that passed overwhelmingly in 2016. Marquez Peterson even sued to overturn the will of voters specifically citing that the measure would require raising wages for health care workers caring for the developmentally disabled. [Tucson News Now, 2/16/2017]

Ally Miller, Pima County Supervisor

Miller responded to hate and violence in Charlottesville with a racially insensitive Facebook post that led to the calls for her to resign. She posted. “"I'm sick and tired of being hit for being white....It is all about making us feel like we need to apologize. I am WHITE-and proud of it! No apologies necessary."” [AZ Republic, 8/14/2017] Also, she LOVES Donald Trump. [Twitter, 12/28/2016]

Steve Christy, Pima County Supervisor

Christy is well-known for running the 2010 Independent Expenditure, Conservatives for Congress Committee, that ran a sexist ad against Rep. Gabby Giffords and an ad showing physical violence towards Republican Jonathan Paton. [Arizona Daily Star, 5/21/2010, Roll Call, 8/15/2010] Christy also supports President Trump’s absurd border wall, voting no on a measure that opposed the wall. [KGUN9, 6/6/2017]

David Gowan, Former Speaker of the House

Gowan, who lost a bid for Congress in CD1 in 2012, got caught red handed misusing taxpayer vehicles for campaigning purposes logging thousands of miles. [12 News, 1/10/16, Arizona Capitol Times, 1/08/16] Gowan has also wasted taxpayer money by adding wood paneling to his office, hiring his friend and fellow political candidate for as an $80k a year driver and used a State vehicle to drive to an ALEC conference where he logged 3 times more miles than any other legislator who attended. [Arizona Capitol Times, 1/08/16, Arizona Central, 5/01/15] He also said he was ‘proud to be the House author of SB1070,” the controversial immigration law. [Gowan for Arizona Website, “About Gowan,” accessed 4/21/16]

Todd Clodfelter, State Representative

Clodfelter, a perennial candidate with his first surprise win last November, once trespassed on a political opponent’s property to creepily take pictures of their home. [Tucson Weekly, 8/24/2006] Ran an ad that included him saying ‘bulls***’ and campaigned on his A rating from the NRA.

Gail Griffin, State Senator

Griffin, a supporter of SB1070, authored a ‘workaround’ after the courts struck down SB1070 aimed at requiring local law enforcement to enforce immigration law. [AZ Daily Sun, 3/20/2013] Authored legislation that even Republican Governor Doug Ducey quickly vetoed that would have allowed a California Developer to ignore AZ water laws in building in Sierra Vista. [Daily Kos, 5/11/2016] Took a bizarre stand against extending the Arizona Historical Society, founded in 1864, for 10 years in the State Legislature. [AZ Republic, 4/22/2014]

Frank Antenori, Former State Senator

"A former Arizona state senator pleaded guilty last month to illegally accessing military property. But the federal misdemeanor hasn't slowed him down. Frank Antenori traveled to Cleveland as one of Arizona's Republican delegates supporting presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention." [AZ Republic, 7/21/2016] Additionally Antenori is the same individual who said Arizonans wanted Jesse Kelly to run against Giffords "so he can slap her around.” [RollCall, 8/15/2010]