To Doug Ducey, 200 Arizona Teachers Calling for Higher Pay in 100 Degree Heat is “Political Theater”

PHOENIX – As the sixth week of #REDforED protests began, Governor Doug Ducey had one thing to say to the more than 200 Arizona teachers who braved the 100-degree heat to call for higher teacher pay – it’s “political theater.”

But it’s not. Thousands of teachers have crisscrossed the state and demanded better funding for their schools and higher pay, which currently ranks near last in the nation.

It’s this kind of tone deaf approach that has Doug Ducey’s reelection chances up in the air. He would rather stick to his generic talking points approved by the Koch Brothers than actually listen to hardworking Arizona teachers.

KTAR: “Protesting teachers line streets near KTAR 92.3 FM for Ducey’s arrival”

“Arizona Educators United and the Red For Ed movement have been leading the charge on statewide protests and walk-ins for weeks, including protests at KTAR News 92.3 FM’s studios as Gov. Doug Ducey appeared on Mac & Gaydos.

All of the protesters were wearing red as a part of #RedForED, a movement started by Arizona Teachers United to show support for the state’s teachers and to demand schools be fully funded.”

Arizona Republic: “Teachers protest at Gov. Ducey's Phoenix radio station appearance, again”

“The teachers protested outside KTAR studios in north-central Phoenix. They held signs and wore red shirts, calling on the governor to act on their demands for 20 percent pay raises and more education funding.

The scene was similar to a March 12 protest outside the radio station.” […]

“The teachers' latest protest comes as parents, educators, school boards and superintendents are preparing for a likely teacher walkout.” […]

AZ Family: “With Arizona educators on the verge of a strike, Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday dismissed the #RedForEd movement as “political theater" and said teachers should "know the facts" about education spending.

His comments come as Arizona teachers are threatening to walk out of the classroom if the governor doesn't boost school funding and give Arizona teachers, who remain among the lowest paid in the country, a 20 percent pay raise.”

“The governor appeared uninterested in meeting with teachers associated with Karvelis's group, saying he will continue speaking with superintendents and other education administrators he called, ‘the decision makers.’”

Fox 10 Phoenix: “NOW: Teachers and education supporters are gathering outside a Phoenix radio studio for a protest. LIVE VIDEO: #REDforED”

Fox 10 Phoenix: “Demonstrators have swelled to around 200, still waiting for @dougducey to arrive in the next 30 minutes. #REDforED”

12 News: “Gov rebuffed teachers' request last week to meet with them. #RedForEd”