Debbie Lesko: Career Politician Who Will Cut Medicare, Social Security, & Healthcare from Arizonans

PHOENIX – DC Debbie Lesko supports or has voted on policies that cut Medicare, Social Security, and healthcare access for Arizonans. In fact, Lesko’s scandal-driven campaign has Washington GOP establishment so worried that they’ve resort to throwing misleading attacks on Dr. Hiral Tipirneni.

But here are the facts.

DC Debbie supports the GOP’s tax law which cuts $477 million from Medicare funding from the state. The same tax law spikes premiums up by $2,000 while also cutting insurance away from more than 280,000 Arizonans.

Further, Lesko supports gutting Social Security and has consistently voted to restrict healthcare access from hardworking Arizonans – including voting against Arizona’s AHCCCS program, the state’s Medicaid expansion program.

Arizonans see through DC Debbie and know she’s nothing but a rubberstamp to the chaotic GOP establishment. Take a look below at how Lesko has harmed Arizona families and their access to healthcare.

Supports GOP Tax Law That Cuts Medicare

GOP Tax Plan Would Cut $477 Million From Medicare In Arizona. According to the Center for American Progress, the Senate GOP tax plan would cut $477 million from Medicare in Arizona. [Center for American Progress, 11/16/17

Supports Cutting Social Security

Lesko Said She Wanted To Reform Medicare And Social Security “For New People Getting Into The System.” BRAHM RESNIK: “If elected, you’ll go to a Congress where Speaker Ryan has said he wants to cut Medicare and Social Security and other programs like that. It looks like something is going to have to be done because Republicans have passed a tax cut and a new spending plan that has added $1.5 trillion to our deficit … DEBBIE LESKO: “We also do need to reform entitlement spending. But we have to protect the people who are relying on it right now. I think we should do what I did with pension reform for the firefighters and police. You work on reforming it for new people getting into the system down the road so it can sustain the system, but you also have to protect the taxpayers.” [Sunday Square Off, NBC, 2/11/18]

Harmed Healthcare Access for Arizonans

Lesko Called Herself A “Realist” For Voting Against Medicaid Expansion In Arizona. DEBBIE LESKO: “I voted against Medicaid expansion not because, you know, I don't want people to get health coverage but because I'm a realist. And I know how much we can afford in our budget.” [Morning Edition, NPR, 3/22/17]

2009: Lesko Voted To Cut Funding For Medicaid By 1.7 Percent. “State legislators had no choice but to cut state spending in almost all areas. Doing anything else would have been irresponsible. Six state agencies account for 91 percent of general fund spending. Of those six, kindergarten through 12th-grade education makes up 42 percent of general fund spending and universities make up another 11 percent. (These percentages do not even include property taxes or federal monies that education receives.) As a percentage of their total funds (which includes property taxes and federal monies), K-12 education was cut 2.3 percent, universities by 4.1 percent, community colleges by 0.6 percent, Department of Economic Security by 3.6 percent, medical care for the poor (AHCCCS) by 1.7 percent and prisons 2.1 by percent. The decisions were very difficult.” [Debbie Lesko, Arizona Republic, 2/13/09]

2011: Lesko Voted To Drop 280,000 Patients From Arizona’s Medicaid Program. “The House and Senate ended the first special session of 2011 by approving a bill authorizing Gov. Jan Brewer to ask the federal government for permission to drop 280,000 patients from the state's Medicaid program. S1001 passed the Senate on a 21-9 vote and the House by a 40-20 vote on Jan. 20. The party-line votes give it the two-thirds majority it needs to go into effect immediately after Brewer signs it … ‘I support this bill, not because I am filled with glee, but because we were elected to balance the state budget,’ said House Majority Whip Debbie Lesko. ‘We are down to bad options and worse options. And we were elected to solve the problem.’” [Arizona Capitol Times, 1/20/11]