BREAKING: Trent Franks Donated to DC Debbie Lesko’s Scandal-Plagued Campaign

PHOENIX – Drew Anderson, senior communications advisor for the Arizona Democratic Party, released the following statement after a new Arizona Republic report found that former Congressman Trent Franks, who resigned amidst a sex scandal, donated to DC Debbie Lesko’s special election campaign to replace the scandal ridden Franks. Lesko accepted Franks’ cash.

“DC Debbie Lesko has broken the trust of Arizonans–especially women concerned about sexual harassment in the workplace. Not only will she cut Medicare, Social Security, and healthcare access, but Lesko has proven she will be dishonest with voters at all costs – even accepting campaign cash from the man who resigned from Arizona’s Eighth in disgrace. Lesko is the definition of the dysfunction Arizonans are fed up with in Washington.”


1/24/18: Lesko, When Asked About Trent Franks And Sexual Misconduct: “Obviously Sexual Harassment Is Totally Unacceptable, Has To Be Fully Investigated, And People Just Need To Respect Each Other.” VIDEO CLIP: “Representative Trent Franks resigned his seat after two female staffers in his office complained that he asked them to be surrogate mother to his child. The Arizona legislature is investigating several instances of alleged bad behavior on the part of members. And in Alabama, Republicans lost a Senate seat after candidate Roy Moore was accused of sexual abuse and child molestation.” MODERATOR: [Inaudible] “Mr. Van Steenwyk, Trent Franks left under the cloud of allegations of sexual harassment, retaliation. The Arizona legislature has been investigating sexual harassment there. Last month the Republicans may have lost a Senate seat because of a flawed candidate. How can you assure the voters of the 8th District that your personal behavior past and present won’t be an issue here?” […] MODERATOR: “Senator Lesko?” LESKO: “Well this is an interesting question for me because I’m the only woman and there’s eleven men running in the race. Obviously sexual harassment is totally unacceptable, has to be fully investigated, and people just need to respect each other, and then I think we’d all get along.” [AZ-08 Republican Primary Debate, Arizona Republic, 1/24/18]