Arpaio’s Entry in AZSen Ensures Expensive, Long, Brutal AZGOP Civil War

Arpaio’s violent, discriminatory history as Maricopa County Sheriff has no place in AZSen race

PHOENIX – In just a matter of minutes, the Arizona Republican Party’s civil war went from an already brutal race to what is now expected to be one very long, expensive, drawn out civil war primary. 

Joe Arpaio, a convicted racial profiler who was pardoned by President Trump for criminal contempt, announced his bid for United States Senate. He now joins an already brutal Republican primary between Martha McSally and Kelli Ward.

“Joe Arpaio brings a violent and radical history against Hispanic Arizonans to a race that has been and will be a long, bruising, and very expensive primary for the Arizona Republican Party,” said Herschel Fink, executive director. “Whoever escapes in August, they will be held accountable for touting their radical stripes at every opportunity and willingness to take stances on issues that are simply out of touch for the average Arizonan voter.”

The Arizona Republican Party so far was shaping up to be a bruising and brutal civil war primary between Kelli Ward and Martha McSally. Conservative groups have already announced their opposition to McSally with even one pro-Trump PAC, the Great America Alliance, throwing support firmly behind Ward. Arpaio’s entry and nasty reputation and history as Maricopa County’s Sheriff only ensures the AZGOP civil war will firmly last until the primary on August 28th.

All three campaigns and GOP strategists will give their hot takes on the race, but this brutal AZGOP civil war has no end in sight.