Arizona Democrats Will Help Lead National Party Change

Today the Democratic National Committee announced newly elected Chair Tom Perez’s Transition Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is comprised of a wide swath of leaders, activists, and organizers who represent the Democratic Party’s big tent.

Joining the party’s Transition Advisory Committee will be current Arizona Democratic National Committeeman and former Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director, Luis Heredia.

"Building a Party for every Democrat was Chairman Tom Perez's core mission and Congressman Keith Ellison's main motivation," said Heredia. "We have an important task but it is hard work that will unify us to win elections and change the direction of this party."

This transition team will be charged with providing concrete suggestions and advice on building a Party that reaches into and represents every corner of America.


2017 DNC Transition Advisory Committee

Mark Begich

Gus Bickford

Sally Boynton Brown

Pete Buttigieg

Leah Daughtry, co-chair

Bill Dempsey

Akilah Ensley

Don Fowler

Jennifer Granholm

Jehmu Greene

Luis Heredia

Pramila Jayapal

Latoia Jones

Rebecca Lambe

Bel Leong-Hong

Terry Lierman

Chris Lu, co-chair

Mary Beth Maxwell

Zerlina Maxwell

Deray McKesson

Ademola Oyefeso

Rick Palacio

Ai-Jen Poo

Rion Ramirez

Astrid Silva

Rick Wade

Simone Ward

Brian Weeks

Jenny Wilson