Arizona Democrats on Trump’s Blatant Attack on Transgender Community

Statement from Arizona Democratic Party LGBT Caucus Chair Ray Bradford:

“Enough is enough!  With Trump’s proposed ban on transgendered persons in the United State military he has proven, once again, that his administration intends to strip away the rights of the American LGBTQ community, using us as political pawns.  Our nation fought for decades to achieve those equal rights, and we will not go backward.  We will not have our rights traded for votes on a border wall.  We say to Trump and Pence - our community’s sacrifices, our sweat and our blood, our very lives are not in vain, but prove us worthy of wearing the military uniforms of this nation.  

“The Arizona Democratic Party stands united and resolute in our commitment to equal rights and justice for all.  We will not allow our soldiers, including our transgendered soldiers, to be dishonored by this administration.  We will fight every day to ensure all Americans are valued and respected, including all members of our LGBTQ communities.”