Arizona Democrats give back, raise $35K for DACA application renewals

With the Trump administration hell-bent on destroying the lives of young dreamers, Arizona Democrats came together and found a way to protect them - by raising over $35,000 dollars, and sponsoring over 70 DACA recipients.

It all started several days after Attorney General Sessions’ DACA announcement, LD-26 Democrats went to work and began collecting donations to cover DACA recipients $495 application filing fee. Through contributions from their Precinct Committee Members, and local businesses pledging matching funds, the LD-26 Democrats managed to raise over $30,000 dollars.

“These dreamers are our kids. As a community organization, we have an obligation to step up when members of our community need help - it’s why we exist,” said Austin Stumpf, Chair of the LD-26 Democrats. “The Center for Neighborhood Leadership, and other allied organizations, are doing everything they can to help as many affected people as they can, the least we can do is offer our support.”

That same generosity spread amongst other Democrats.

At the party’s last State Committee meeting, Dr. Janie Hydrik - the party's Educational Coordinator - led donation efforts amongst Members, and in a matter of hours, $5,000 dollars were raised.

“Democrats believe dreamers deserve the opportunity to continue making invaluable contributions to our country,” said Arizona Democratic Party Chair Alexis Tameron. “I can’t be any prouder of the response from Arizona Democrats. When presented with the chance to act on their [dreamers] behalf, we literally put one’s money where one’s mouth is.”

The funds raised by LD-26 Democrats and the Arizona Democratic Party’s State Committee Members have been donated to the Center for Neighborhood Leadership.

In addition to the funds raised by party activists, Democratic elected officials also joined in the efforts. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton donated $10,000 dollars, and Phoenix Councilwoman Kate Gallego helped raise $10,000 dollars more for Mi Familia Vota’s DACA renewal campaign.