African-American Caucus


African-American Caucus

The Arizona African American Caucus seeks to encourage political participation and education within the African American community and encourage African Americans to seek public office at all levels. We also fight for equality for African Americans by advocating for issues such as educational, economic, criminal, healthcare and immigration justice and ensuring voting rights and protection for all.  
The goals of the AAC in order of importance are to:
  1. Increase the number of Precinct Committee Persons (PC)
  2. Increase the number of registered African Americans
  3. “Get out the vote efforts” (“GOTV”) 




Saturday, May 20, 2017

Venue: Sunnyside High School

Location: 1725 E Bilby Rd, Tucson - map

Registration: 8:45am to 1pm

Caucuses: 9am to 12pm

Plenary Session: 1pm to end


We are planning on a legislative update by Rep. Reginald Bolding

A brief presentation on Redistricting by Whitney Walker, Esq and YDA Vice President 

We will allow for time to address the caucus by City Council Candidate from Phoenix and Tucson from 11-11:30

Looking forward to seeing you there.




​Caucus Statement issued September 23, 2016

The Arizona African American caucus is saddened by the recent shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte. While we encourage and support the hundreds of citizens who have engaged in peaceful protest, we do not support violence perpetuated in the name of change. However, change is necessary and justice must be swift. We support calls for transparency and accountability all over this country and the need for proactive measures to end this cycle violence and abuse placed at the feet of African Americans.

We deeply encourage everyone to voice their concerns and frustration in a peaceful and productive manner and to always remember to utilize your vote as a mechanism for change. We ask that you engage in conversation with your local and state elected officials, Hold them to high levels of accountably and become a permanent fixture and voice in our community. Our presidential election is quickly approaching and contrary to what some believe we have much to loose if we do not stand up, speak out, engage and vote.

In solidarity,

Arizona African American Caucus 

Contact Information

Quiana Dickenson, Chair
Phone: (623) 225-6847

Henry Wade, Assistant Chair
Phone: (602) 619-4440

Mahogany Cherry, Secretary
Phone: (602) 565-0276

Connie DeLarge, Treasurer
Phone: (520) 322-5000