Jeff Flake: Republicans Who Stand Up to Trump Can't Win A Primary

AZGOP primary spotlights Arpaio, Congresswoman McSally, and Ward’s willingness to put their party ahead of Arizonans – just for President Trump’s support

PHOENIX - Jeff Flake in an interview this morning explained why speaking out against President Trump was exactly why he could not win a AZGOP primary.

Watch: Flake – “Republicans Who Stand Up to Trump Can't Win A Primary”

Arizona Republic: Flake - “Somebody who voices, you know, reservations about where the president is or criticizes his behavior like last night, it's tough to be reelected in a Republican primary.”

Flake’s acknowledgment highlights the lengths Joe Arpaio, Congresswoman Martha McSally, and Kelli Ward are taking to win over the public approval of the President – even at the expense of fighting for hardworking Arizonans.

The clearest example: Congresswoman Martha McSally. She often criticized the president and won’t say if she voted for Trump in 2016, but now, McSally is suddenly Trump’s biggest booster. McSally’s flip is so transparent and inauthentic, it's earned her the title "Martha McShifty" by Arizonans.

Congresswoman McSally’s inauthentic sprint to President Trump spotlights the AZGOP civil war. But all three candidates’ decision to put party over country is exactly why Arizonans are fed up with Washington.