Freudian Slip: Healthcare Not a Priority for “DC Debbie Lesko”

“Healthcare” does not appear on Lesko’s congressional campaign website

Lesko supports #GOPTaxScam that cuts $477 million from Medicare

PHOENIX – “DC Debbie Lesko” does not consider healthcare a top priority for Arizonans within the Eighth Congressional District, according to her own congressional campaign website.

This startling revelation came from Fox News’ profile on Arizona’s special election for AZ08, a district with many Arizona seniors who count on affordable health care coverage to live, including Medicare.

Fox News: “While Medicaid and Medicare issues are not listed on her campaign website, part of Lesko’s platform includes a commitment to ‘vote to prohibit any federal funding for abortion or infanticide.’”

Screenshot of Debbie Lesko’s “Issues” page, sans healthcare

DC Debbie Lesko’s error is more of a Freudian Slip for she has either supported measures that gut funding for Medicare, like the GOP tax law, or opposed policies which would have granted affordable healthcare to hardworking Arizonans.

Add this to the list of glaring mistakes or scandals by DC Debbie. Lesko would rather violate campaign finance laws or hide from important issues than actually get things done for hardworking Arizonans.